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Where were these things all my life? I love these new lost and found tags. They work with QR codes, which used to not work very well, but ever since the latest phone updates you don’t need any apps or special software. It’s like magic. Just pointing your phone camera at one of these things pops open the browser which takes you straight to contact page.


I don’t even need to post my phone number on the internet because they relay the text message right to me. The company I’m using is

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I’ve tried to tell my story before about my nose job, but it doesn’t get much sympathy. I mostly get accusations of how it’s all my fault and I deserve what I got. That’s why I don’t tell it very often. And for that reason I’m not writing this to tell you the details of my botched nose job. I’m writing this to talk about what it’s like to have a problem that very few people have and even worse very few people have any sympathy for.

There are a lot bad things happening in the world. People are mugged. People break legs. People get into accidents. For most of those things the saving grace of humanity is that we tend to comfort each other, but there is at least one thing that few people will sympathize with you for. If you get elective surgery and it goes horribly wrong no one says “I’m sorry you had a bad doctor” or “I wish society didn’t put so much pressure on you to look a certain way.” What people actually say is “You deserved that for wanting to look better” or “You deserved that because you had enough money to spend on something like that.” …

So far I’ve had to switch email providers from Mailchimp and I’ve had my corporate account on Medium shadow banned twice all for mentioning blockchain or cryptocurrency at all in articles. My Mailchimp emails were legitimately gathered and I had a less than 1% spam report. My unsubscribe rate was also around 1%. My open rate was 20% and my mail list was gathered from scratch on our website. I shared company news about our blockchain startup on a monthly basis. Regardless, our Mailchimp account was indefinitely banned for being crypto related.

At least in the case of Mailchimp you know when you are banned. For Medium they don’t tell you. The only way you can find out if your account is suspended is by logging out and then checkout your article or in my case by seeing the suspension notice in a Facebook post. This is pretty unfortunate since we had an article posted on the front page of our website for weeks and we have no way of knowing how long the account was suspended. I won’t mention the name of my company because there is some likelihood even mentioning the name is ground for suspension. It does have ‘chain’ in the title. …

I’ve been watching CNBC, Bloomberg TV and others and I think I’ve figured out what’s going on.

So if you put aside the bcash sell off and the general state of the economy then you have left investors vs. users of the technology.

Investors are people putting money into bitcoin hoping it will go up. Users are people who buy bitcoin to use it and send it. Some people actually get paid or pay other people with bitcoin. In the discussions on TV these analysts are all comparing bitcoin to stocks, except a stock with no company and no value. …

There is a lot of talk about securities tokens, but they don’t apply for networks and applications. If you register a token as a security then you can’t use it in your application or you will then be trading securities every time someone wants to participate in your game or dating app, or whatever you’ve built.

A security token can’t be used for the intended purpose of 99% of the applications being built by ICOs. What this means is that there is no ‘out’ for companies to build applications that use tokens or coins internally and pre-sell them ahead of time. …

I’m just a guy who codes all day. I copy and paste all day long. I write conditional statements and I study how processors work. I also host a Transhumanist meet-up and I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit arguing these points and I would really like everyone to read them. As a Transhumanist or Life-Extensionist you will at some point make the decision to spend your time and money on brain uploading or biological longevity.

I feel like I’m way ahead of the curve on this and it is terribly frustrating. A lot of people think they will magically upload their consciousnesses into a computer, but there are HUGE logic errors with this. It’s almost to the point where I believe people who believe in brain uploading have a cognitive perceptual problem. They don’t seem to believe that anything exists outside their perception. The is contradictory to the act of science, which is to study how the world behaves regardless of how you want it to. …



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